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Marco Aurélio Deleu

Marco Aurélio Deleu
Writing bad code for 12 years. Passionate about Laravel and AWS.


AWS Lambda, PHP, Bref and Datadog

October 29, 2022

Getting Datadog to trace your PHP application on AWS Lambda

3 years of lift-and-shift into AWS Lambda

August 14, 2022

What to watch out for when moving your existing project into AWS Lambda.

Laravel Dusk on Docker

July 02, 2022

Reproducible environment without sacrificing visibility

3 things I learned working on a Bref Runtime

March 06, 2022

The architecture behind running PHP on AWS Lambda.

Tip: Speed up your tests with MySQL in-memory

March 06, 2022

Using Docker tmpfs for MySQL performance

Laravel is an opportunity

March 03, 2022

Beyond Laravel Origins Documentary

PHP for PHP Recruiters

January 21, 2022

A summary of words that could come up while interviewing a PHP candidate.

A Powerful Webhook Offering

December 23, 2021

Sending out webhooks with Laravel HTTP Client

When Java bring problems to PHP Engineers

December 15, 2021

Patching log4j on Logstash

Pushing the boundaries of Eloquent

June 04, 2021

My experience building advanced reporting with Eloquent

What it means to run a monolith on AWS Lambda

May 29, 2021

A stable software development model combined with the elasticity of serverless solutions.

Using AWS KMS with Laravel

March 12, 2021

Swapping Laravel Encrypter with AWS KMS

Laravel Report: Date Range

March 08, 2021

Applying Date Range on Reporting queries

Laravel Report: User defined sorting

March 07, 2021

Improving reporting capabilities with dynamic sort.

Laravel Report: Dynamic Page Size

March 06, 2021

Letting API caller define page size

PHPUnit with Bref 1.0

March 06, 2021

Running your tests with the php binary compiled by Bref

A monorepo approach to larger modules in Laravel and Lambda

February 28, 2021

The mindset of modularized applications applied to monoliths.

Receiving SQS Messages via API Gateway Http API

February 27, 2021

Highly available processing power for background APIs.

E(4L)K: My Journey through AWS ELK Stack

January 04, 2021

How I designed an ELK stack on AWS

PHP Native Session with Laravel

October 18, 2020

authenticating users against an existing $_SESSION

Laravel Fake S3 with Minio

October 16, 2020

How I write test code against an S3 compatible storage

Runtime Eloquent Relationship powered by Join clause

June 29, 2020

How to make a Runtime relationship to support a specific report

PHPUnit with Bref

May 04, 2020

Running your tests with the php binary compiled by Bref

Using AWS Lambda as a private Laravel API

April 11, 2020

A cheap trick to migrate an existing private API

Authenticating AWS Cognito with Laravel

March 16, 2020

Validating a Cognito Token with Laravel Auth

Should I encrypt, hash or encode?

February 08, 2020

Having a basic understanding of these terms can go a long way when writing code.

Running a bastion host/jumpbox on Fargate

February 07, 2020

Getting rid of EC2 instances even for SSH tunneling

AWS VPC for Software Engineers

February 02, 2020

A helpful guide on AWS VPC components and how they work together.

A cheap event sourcing strategy for a legacy project

July 17, 2019

How to strangle a project full of technical debt towards microservices

How [I think] AWS Lambda invocation works

July 16, 2019

Understanding how Lambda works helped me diagnose common problems

Deploying Laravel Artisan on AWS Lambda

July 14, 2019

How to run Laravel Artisan commands using Bref

Cross Region deployments with AWS CodePipeline

July 13, 2019

Setting up a CodePipeline to deploy a Lambda across several regions

Running Lambda Function behind an Application Load Balancer

July 13, 2019

Saving costs for high-traffic services

One Load Balancer to rule them all

July 12, 2019

Saving costs by reusing an Application Load Balancer

Leveraging AWS SQS as a Retry mechanism for Lambda

July 11, 2019

How I configured Lambda Dead Letter Queue to retry failed messages before giving up.

Welcome to my blog

July 11, 2019

Procrastination lost to Gatsby and Netlify

Learning About Gatsby

July 10, 2019

I should stop procrastinating and start my blog.